Social responsibility

TransKapitalBank believes that business entities should take part in key social problem-solving. Among the most important tasks here the Bank considers: environmental protection, support to education, children’s sports, cultural heritage and socially disadvantaged groups of the community.


Energy Efficiency Projects

TransKapitalBank and International Finance Corporation (IFC) implemented the Programme for financing of energy efficiency projects of Russian companies and enterprises that was aimed at rational use of energy resources, reduction of energy costs and environmental improvement.

So far a number of EE projects for some Russian regional companies under this Programme are already in the process of implementation / putting into operation.

The Bank expresses its social attitude via its own social and charitable programmes:

Healthy Generation

The Bank’s charitable activities include support to healthy nation development, which the Bank considers to be especially important. The Bank renders regular support to children’s sport tournaments and competitions in the regions of its presence.

High-quality Education

The Bank supports straight “A” students of Plekhanov Russian Academy on the long-term basis. Support is rendered through the Bank’s own special purpose scholarship fund, established in 2011.

Social Aid

The Bank permanently supports orphanages in the regions of its presence as well as veterans of the Great Patriotic War living in Moscow Region area, where TransKapitalBank maintains its wide banking outlets network.

Cultural Heritage

The Bank is an active participant in the projects for preservation of Russian cultural artifacts / monuments and cultural heritage located in the regions of the Bank’s presence. The Bank also supports Russian painters by means of arrangement of art exhibitions in its offices on a grant basis and open for public.