Bank news

  • 10.04.2018
    Bank news
    TRANSKAPITALBANK increased its base capital up to RUB13,8 bln.

    TKB’s Tier 1 equity reached RUB19,3bln after the Bank had converted some of the existing subordinated loans amounting to RUB0,9bln into perpetual ones.

    This capital extension supports the Bank’s stable financial metrics. The base capital ratio increased to 8,5% against the minimum required regulatory level of 6%.

    Prior to this extension the shareholders injected RUB150mln of cash into the Bank’s equity in February 2018.
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  • 30.03.2018
    Bank news
    TRANSKAPITALBANK co-arranged a syndicated loan for the Bank Moscow-Minsk

    TRANSKAPITALBANK (TKB) acted as a Mandated Lead Arranger in the syndicated loan transaction for the Bank Moscow-Minsk, Belarus.

    The deal is structured as a dual tranche loan with 1,5 / 1 years tenor and the amount of EUR20mln / USD1,0mln respectively.
    TKB participated for EUR5mln. Alfa Bank acted as another MLA and Agent (Bookrunner) for this deal.

    Akbars Bank, Novikombank, Finservice Bank, Asian-Pacific Bank, ALEF-Bank and J&T Bank also joint this syndicate.

    “This is the 12th syndicated loan transaction co-arranged by TKB for Belarusian banks and we can notice that more than EUR1,6bln have been injected into the Belarusian economy due to these deals” – commented Elena Shirinskaya, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board – “Success of this transaction along with the fact that new investor decided to join our deal is another evidence of the market confidence to the Belarusian risk”.
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  • 26.01.2018
    Bank news
    TRANSKAPITALBANK participated in USD40mln syndicated loan for Mongolian XAC Bank

    TRANSKAPITALBANK (TKB) participated in the syndicated loan transaction amounting to USD40mln for XAC Bank - one of the TOP-5 financial institutions in Mongolia.
    The deal is structured as a dual tranche loan with 1 / 3 years tenor.
    The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) acted as the MLA and Agent (Bookrunner).
    Mikrofinanzfonds, Bank im Bistum Essen Eg and ResponsAbility SICAV (Lux) joint this syndicate alongside with TKB
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