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  • 24.10.2019
    Bank news
    TKB reported stable profit in 3Q of 2019

    TKB announced the results of its performance in the 3Q of 2019 according to Russian accounting standards. The financial results showed positive trends in all key indicators.

    According to the results of the 3Q of 2019, net assets amounted to RUB 154 bln. Loan portfolio of TKB reached RUB 116 bln less provisions. Net interest income exceeded RUB 4 bln. Net fee and commission income totaled RUB 1.3 bln.

    Capital adequacy ratio (Н1.0) was at the point of 12.5% (min required 8%). Liquidity ratios:

    • Quick liquidity ratio Н2 - 156.244% (min required 15%),
    • Current liquidity ratio Н3 - 311.501% (min required 50%),
    • Long-term liquidity ratio Н4 - 44.037% (min required 120%).

    TKB’s balance sheet profit for 9 months of 2019, used for regulatory purposes, exceeded RUB 1.4 bln.

    Information about TKB Group:
    TKB Group includes TransKapitalBank and Investradebank. TKB Group is in TOP-30 Russian banks by assets. TKB Group has wide coverage of around 100 points of sales across 31 regions of Russia. TKB has 4 main business focuses: corporate and SME lending (TOP15 in Russia), mortgages, factoring and Project “Bank for Banks” - Program of comprehensive banking services for financial institutions from countries – participants of EAEU/CIS/SCO.

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  • 09.09.2019
    Bank news
    TKB Group announces more than RUB 700 mio of its total comprehensive income as of 1H 2019 according to IFRS

    TransKapitalBank published its IFRS interim financial statements as of 1H 2019. The financial result shows a positive trend in all key areas.

    As of 1H 2019 the Bank’s assets totaled RUB 266 bln, with 3.6% increase compared to 2018-end The Bank’s equity amounted to RUB 21.4 bln, increased by 26.7% compared with the beginning of 2019.

    Net interest income totaled RUB 4 bln. Net fee and commission income amounted to RUB 0.9 bln. Customer accounts reached approx. RUB 133 bln.

    TKB Group’s loan portfolio totaled approx. RUB 129 bln. The corporate loans reached RUB 76.5 bln of the total portfolio. The retail portfolio composed mainly of mortgages, is RUB 52.3 bln.

    As of 1st August 2019 the Bank's capital adequacy ratio (Н1.0) is 12.6% (min 8%).

    Information about TKB Group:

    TKB Group includes both TransKapitalBank and Investradebank. TKB Group includes in among TOP-30 Russian banks and located in 31 regions of the Russian Federation. TKB’s strategic business lines are as follows: SME lending (TOP-15 Russian banks), mortgage lending (TOP-15 Russian banks) and factoring.

    Being a key partner of the EAEU/CIS/SCO integration processes, TKB implements special full customer service for financial institutions “Bank for Banks” and offers counterparties a wide range of operations - transaction/settlement business, treasury operations, trade finance and arrangement of syndicated loan facilities for banks of the CIS countries.

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  • 01.08.2019
    Bank news
    TRANSKAPITALBANK arranged debut syndicated loan facility for the banking system of Uzbekistan

    TRANSKAPITALBANK arranged debut syndicated loan facility for the banking system of Uzbekistan

    TRANSKAPITALBANK (TKB) arranged debut syndicated loan facility for Qishloq Qurilish Bank (QQB) amounting to EUR 16 mln and USD 3.5 mln as a Mandated Lead Arranger (MLA).

    The deal is structured as a loan with 1 year tenor with extension option for general corporate purposes and financing of the trade contracts of the Qishloq Qurilish Bank’s customers.

    Promsvyazbank, Uralsib Bank, Altyn Bank (the subsidiary of China CITIC Bank Corp.), Asia Pacific Bank, J&T Bank and Alef Bank also joined this deal as the Lenders.

    Elena Shirinskaya, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board outlined: “It is a debut syndicated loan facility arranged for the banking system of Uzbekistan under Russian law. It is a great honour for us that QQB chose TKB as MLA and bookrunner of this deal. Nevertheless it was the first syndicated loan facility for the Borrower, the deal was concluded within very short period. Uzbekistan became a driver of growth in Central Asia thanks to vast economic reforms in the country. Lots of investors including World Bank, EBRD, ADB etc. are very interested in investments into Uzbekistan”.

    TKB is a key partner of integration processes EAEU and CIS. Arrangement of syndicated loan facilities for financial institutions of EAEU/CIS is one of the main business lines within program “Bank for Banks” along with multicurrency settlements, treasury operations, trade finance business on blank basis and under guarantee of EBRD, IFC, ADB and EXIAR.

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  • 16.07.2019
    Bank news
    TKB’s profit exceeded RUB 2 bln under RAS as of 1H2019

    The main source of profit were net interest income in the volume of RUB 1.7 bln. Net fee and commission income totaled RUB 0.8 bln. The bank's loan portfolio exceeded RUB 92 bln. The loan portfolio is based on loans to corporate clients amounting to RUB 62.1 bln. The volume of loans to individuals reached RUB 30.6 bln and composed mainly of mortgages.

    TKB’s capital was at the point of RUB 16 bln. Capital adequacy ratio H1.0 - 12.6% (min required 8%), H1.1 - 8.9% (min required 4.5%), H1.2 - 10.3% (min required 6%).

    The quick liquidity ratio - 126.2% (min required 15%), current liquidity ratio - 223.9% (min required 50%).

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  • 19.04.2019
    Bank news
    TKB Group reported net profit of RUB 1.6 bln (USD 23 mio) under IFRS in 2018

    The Group’s assets increased to RUB 257.2 bln (USD 3.7 bln) on the reporting date from the beginning of 2018. Total equity stand at RUB 21.1 bln (USD 303.7 mio).

    Net interest income reached RUB 3.8 bln (USD 54.7 mio). Net fee and commission income totaled RUB 1.8 bln (USD 26 mio). Customer accounts stand at RUB 143.5 bln (USD 2 bln).

    Loans and advances to customers are in excess of RUB 122.2 bln (USD 1.8 bln) less provisions. The main part of the credit portfolio represents loans to corporate clients in the amount of RUB 74.4 bln (USD 1.1 bln). The volume of the loans to individuals reached more than RUB 47.8 bln (USD 688 mio) and composed mostly of mortgages.

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