TRANSKAPITALBANK co-arranged a syndicated loan for the Bank Moscow-Minsk

  • 30.03.2018
    Bank news
    TRANSKAPITALBANK (TKB) acted as a Mandated Lead Arranger in the syndicated loan transaction for the Bank Moscow-Minsk, Belarus.

    The deal is structured as a dual tranche loan with 1,5 / 1 years tenor and the amount of EUR20mln / USD1,0mln respectively.
    TKB participated for EUR5mln. Alfa Bank acted as another MLA and Agent (Bookrunner) for this deal.

    Akbars Bank, Novikombank, Finservice Bank, Asian-Pacific Bank, ALEF-Bank and J&T Bank also joint this syndicate.

    “This is the 12th syndicated loan transaction co-arranged by TKB for Belarusian banks and we can notice that more than EUR1,6bln have been injected into the Belarusian economy due to these deals” – commented Elena Shirinskaya, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board – “Success of this transaction along with the fact that new investor decided to join our deal is another evidence of the market confidence to the Belarusian risk”.
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