TKB GROUP reported net profit of RUB 294,8 mln as of 1Q2018 under IFRS

  • 10.05.2018
    Bank news

    TKB’s profitability is still driven mainly by the net interest income, which exceeded RUB 2,8bln. and which comprises 77% of the total operational income.

    The Group’s total assets stand at RUB 220,4bln. Loans and advances to customers amounted over RUB 143,5 bln. Customer accounts reached 64% stake in the Group’s liabilities structure.

    Since 01 January 2018 when the new IFRS 9 standard “Financial Instruments” has become mandatory for the banks in Russia and the regulatory requirements to the calculation of impairment ratios have been made more rigorous, the Group continues to report quite high level of the total capital adequacy ratio, which comprised 12,8% as of the end of 1Q 2018.

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