Net profit TKB GROUP reported under IFRS in 1H2018 exceeded RUB 910 mln

  • 30.08.2018
    Bank news

    The Group’s assets stand at RUB 247bln, so there have been no significant changes in comparison with the beginning of 2018.

    Total equity exceeds RUB 15,9bln (influence of the new provision for Expected Credit Losses resulting from the adoption by the Group of IFRS 9 comprised RUB 5,1bln) over RUB 20,1bln as of 31 December 2017.

    Net interest margin increased for 6% up to RUB 3,4bln. Net fee and commission income reached RUB 810mln. Customer accounts increased up to RUB 146,6bln.

    Loans and advances to customers is in excess of RUB 139,5 bln less provisions. The main part of the credit portfolio represents loans to corporate clients in the amount of RUB 89,3bln. The volume of the loans to individuals reached more than RUB 50,2bln and composed mostly of mortgages.

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