TKB develops ecosystem for interregional USD settlements within Central Asian region

  • 25.05.2020
    Bank news

    TKB became the core bank of integrational processes EAEU/CIS/SCO as a result of implementation of the Program of comprehensive banking services for financial institutions “Bank for Banks”.

    One of the main lines of TKB’s settlement business is interregional USD settlements between entities in Central Asia (Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Afghanistan).

    In 2019 the amount of payments originated by companies from Central Asian countries doubled comparing to 2018 and reached USD 1.2 bln.

    In 2019 TKB became settlement bank for the Uzbek Commodity Exchange.

    TKB offers a wide range of banking services to over 200 financial institutions from Russia/CIS and neighborhood countries that opened over 900 Vostro accounts including over 340 accounts opened for banks located in Central Asian region. Continuing reforms in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan aimed at improvement of business climate and economy diversification, increase investment attractiveness of this region and show the growth in foreign trade operations within the region.

    Unique combination of TKB’s Vostro and Nostro networks allows seamless effecting of USD payments and thus, supports interregional trade within Central Asian region.

    Information about TKB Group:
    TKB Group includes both TransKapitalBank and Investradebank. TKB Group includes in among TOP-30 Russian banks and located in 31 regions of the Russian Federation. TKB’s strategic business lines are as follows: SME lending (TOP-15 Russian banks), mortgage lending (TOP-15 Russian banks), factoring and project “Bank for Banks” – Program of comprehensive banking services for financial institutions from countries – participants of EAEU/CIS/SCO. The program includes multicurrency settlements, treasury operations, trade finance and organization of syndicated loan facilities.

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