TKB announced financial results as of 1H 2020 according to RAS

  • 23.07.2020
    Bank news

    TKB announced financial results as of 1H 2020 according to Russian Accounting Standards (RAS). The financial result showed a positive trend in all main financial figures.

    As of 1H 2020 the Bank’s net assets totaled RUB 168 bln. TKB’s loan portfolio amounted to RUB 87.5 bln. The loan portfolio was composed mainly of corporate loans that reached RUB 62.5 bln. The retail portfolio consisted mainly of mortgages, was RUB 25 bln.

    Net interest income exceeded RUB 2 bln. Net fee and commission income amounted to RUB 1.2 bln. Profit before income tax equaled RUB 1.2 bln. The Bank’s capital – RUB 17.4 bln.

    Capital adequacy ratio (Н1.0) was at the point of 12.07% (min required 8%) as of 01.07.2020.

    Quick liquidity ratio Н2 was at the level of 142.97% (min required 15%), current liquidity ratio Н3 stood at 152.93% (min required 50%), long-term liquidity ratio Н4 – 39.73% (max required 120%).

    Information about TKB Group:
    TKB Group includes TransKapitalBank and Investtradebank. TKB Group is in TOP-30px; Russian banks by assets. TKB Group has wide coverage of around 100 points of sales across 31 regions of Russia. TKB has 4 main business focuses: corporate and SME lending (TOP15 in Russia), mortgages (TOP-15 Russian banks), factoring. Being a key partner of the EAEU/CIS/SCO integration processes, TKB implements program of comprehensive banking services for financial institutions “Bank for Banks” and offers counterparties a wide range of operations: transaction/settlement business, treasury operations, trade finance and arrangement of syndicated loan facilities for banks of the CIS countries.

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