• 23.12.2020
    Bank news

    National Credit Ratings (NCR) rating agency publicly announced about the assignment of BBB- credit rating to TRANSKAPITALBANK (TKB) with /Stable/ outlook.

    NCR underlined high level of TKB’s assets and income sources diversification, as well as, the reasonable capital cushion. NCR mentioned quite significant TKB’s regulatory capital increase (+55% within 2020). TKB is among the few banks in Russia, which recorded the substantial capital growth.

    TKB also showed strong liquidity and diversified funding position together with the positive profitability dynamics, recognized by NCR. The shareholders risks are evaluated as moderate. The management quality is recognized by NCR as conservative.

    NCR also marked the probability of an extraordinary support to TKB from the Central Bank of Russia taking into account the TKB’s participation in the INVESTTRADEBANK financial rehabilitation project and the Bank’s share on the individual deposits market, which is considered relevant from the infrastructure point of view.      

    The TKB Group has been sustainably ranked among TOP-30 Russian banks.

    TKB’s solid metrics are also evidenced by the fulfillment of the following mandatory regulatory ratios (as of 01.10.2020):

    -        capital adequacy ratio (N1.0) – 16,085% (reg. min. 8%);
    -        quick liquidity ratio (N2) – 97,8% (reg. min. 15%);
    -        current (cash) liquidity ratio (N3) – 156,7% (reg. min. 50%);
    -        long-term liquidity ratio (N4) – 30,7% (reg. max. 120%).   

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