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  • 30.06.2021
    Bank news
    TKB selected by the Bank of Russia to test the digital ruble

    The Bank of Russia has formed a group of 12 banks to test the digital ruble platform. TKB was also among the banks selected for the test.

    The focus group includes Gazprombank, VTB, Sberbank, Rosbank, Tinkoff Bank and others.

    A roadmap for the implementation of the digital ruble is planned to be developed according to the test results.

    The Bank of Russia presented the concept of the digital ruble in April 2021. Within the framework of the concept, the digital ruble will be the third form of money along with cash and non-cash.

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  • 05.05.2021
    Bank news
    Net profit of TKB Group exceeded RUB 2 bln as per IFRS of 2020

    TKB Group announced its IFRS financial results as of 2020. Net profit increased to RUB 2,046 bln, total comprehensive income amounted RUB 2,131 bln.

    TKB Group’s capital increased by 50% and reached RUB 29,54 bln as of December 31, 2020 (for comparison RUB 19.8 bln in 2019), mainly due to an additional issue of shares and inclusion of perpetual subordinated loans in capital.

    As of December 31, 2020 assets increased by 9,3% and totaled RUB 301 bln, compared to RUB 275 bln as of the beginning of 2020.

    TKB Group’s loan portfolio amounted to RUB 122.2 bln at the end of 2020. The portfolio is based on loans to SMEs (38,7% of loan portfolio) and mortgage loans (34,7% of loan portfolio). While the share of mortgage loans in the total retail portfolio increased by 2% and amounted to 93%. A conservative approach to the analysis of credit risks (that takes into account the realities of the pandemic) and systematic work with bad debts reduced the share of Stage 3 loans by 28%.

    One of the important purposes of TKB Group is both the maintaining of the existing customer base and the development of cooperation with new customers (individuals and legal entities). Due to customers reached RUB 159.2 bln. Customers portfolio was composed mainly of due to individuals (over 77%). At the same time, funds of corporate customers grew by more than 71% over the year 2020, exceeding RUB 36,3 bln (balances on current, settlement and deposit accounts increased).

    TKB Group’s capital adequacy ratios were complied with a significant margin in comparison with the required minimum.

    Capital adequacy ratio (Н1.0) was at the point of 16.7% (min required 8%). Base capital adequacy ratio (H1.1) stood at 10,2% (min required 4,5%), Core capital adequacy ratio (H1.2) reached 16.3% (min required 6%).

    Quick liquidity ratio H2 – 103,2% (min required 15%), Current liquidity ratio H3 – 170,2% (min required 50%), Long-term liquidity ratio Н4 – 32,7% (max required 120%).

    IFRS financial statements of TKB Group for 2020 are posted on the website at the link

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  • 29.04.2021
    Bank news
    TRANSKAPITALBANK for the first time participated in the syndicated loan for corporate company - UzAvto Motors JSC (Uzbekistan)

    19 April 2021, TRANSKAPITALBANK is pleased to announce its debuted participation in the international syndicated lending of the corporate borrower JSC "UzAvto Motors" - the largest manufacturer of passenger cars in Uzbekistan. TKB joined the transaction as one of the Arranger and provided EUR10 million to the syndicated loan Facility.

    The Mandated Lead Arranger and Bookrunner of the Facility was Credit Suisse AG, London branch. Financial institutions of a wide geographical scope participate in this syndicated loan.

    The Facility will be used by the Borrower for the financing of the investment projects, modernization and technical equipment of JSC "UzAvto Motors" plant and its working capital increase.

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  • 13.04.2021
    Bank news
    TKB reported RUB 2.2 bln profit as of 2020

    TKB announced the results of its performance as of the end of 2020 according to Russian accounting standards (RAS). Profit before tax amounted to RUB 2.2 bln.

    Assets exceeded RUB 187 bln, increased by more than 17% compared to previous year.

    TKB’s loan portfolio amounted to RUB 90 bln. A basis of loan portfolio was corporate loans (to legal entities from the real sector of the economy) that reached RUB 34 bln. Loans to individuals – USD 22 bln. The retail portfolio composed mainly of mortgages and amounted to RUB 19 bln.

    TKB’s capital equaled to RUB 25 bln. In 2020, TKB – one of the few Russian banks – increased its equity by more than 50%.

    Capital adequacy ratio (Н1.0) was at the point of 16.7% (min required 8%). Core capital adequacy ratio (H1.2) reached 16.317% (min required 6%). Quick liquidity ratio – 95.103% (min required 15%), current liquidity ratio – 186.846% (min required 50%)

    At the end of 2020, the National Credit Ratings (NCR) rating agency assigned TKB credit rating at “” with “Stable” outlook.
    In March 2021, the Expert RA rating agency assigned TKB a credit rating at "ruBB +", with “Stable” outlook.

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  • 02.04.2021
    Bank news
    TRANSKAPITALBANK and State Bank for Foreign Economic Affairs of Turkmenistan signed Agreement on cooperation

    March 30, 2021 in Moscow in Government House of the Russian Federation, at the meeting of the Turkmen-Russian Intergovernmental Commission on Economic Cooperation TRANSKAPITALBANK and State Bank for Foreign Economic Affairs of Turkmenistan signed Agreement on cooperation.

    The document was signed from the side of TRANSKAPITALBANK – by Chairman of the Management Board Mr. Evgeni Ivanovski, Turkmenvnesheconombank – by Chairman of the Management Board Mr. Rahimberdy Jepbarov.

    Agreement on cooperation aims to strengthen the long-term partnership of the parties and outline the prospects and directions of its development.

    TRANSKAPITALBANK and Turkmenvnesheconombank established correspondent relations in 2016. In June 2020 TKB opened USD account with Turkmenvnesheconombank for USD settlements with Turkmen banks. Thanks to USD settlement HUB in Turkmenistan, in 2020 in favor of Turkmen exporters, on behalf of TKB clients (VOSTRO banks and companies), export earnings in the amount of more than 120 million US dollars were transferred.

    These funds were received by the beneficiaries without involvement of US correspondent banks, which allowed to make settlements fast, smoothly and seamlessly.

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